Taj Mahal History or Story of Taj mahal

Taj mahal was among the seven wonders of the world before, located in the city of Agra in India.
It is located Near the south bank of Yamuna river and Undertaken as Government body under Government Of India.
Meaning : It actually means Crown of Palaces.
Why Taj Mahal was built – the ruler Shah Jahan built in the loving memory of his wife Mumtaz.

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History of tajmahal

Shah Jahan started the construction in the year 1632 and completed it in 1643 but later the construction was going on nearby and the entire setup was created in 1953.
It is built in the area of 17 Hectares with a height of 73 meters.

One of the best example of Mughal Architecture in India Architect by Ustad AhmadLahauri with the use of White Marble and many of the precious stones collected from around the globe. There is a large 300 meter Mughal Garden with the fountains and gate at the starting point makes the area more beautiful.

Facts about taj mahal

   More than 1000 Elephants were used to transport the goods and more than 22000workers from around the world from different countries worked upon day and night to create such a huge monument.
The materials were traded from countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka,Afghanistan.
The Tomb of Taj Mahal itself took more than 12 years to be built upon.
Analyst says more than 32 million rupees(money) were spent at that time that was among one of the most expensive monuments built upon at that time.
Shah Jahan's son Aurangzeb itself arrested his father and put him inside the bars. This is the very painful situation.
Inside the tomb of Taj Mahal after the death of Shah Jahan, he was buried near the grave of his wife.

The people say that the emperor ordered to cut the hands of the architects and workers so that no one can ever be built such kind of monument again.

Important information on taj mahal

 Taj Mahal attracts more than around 8 million people every year from all around the globe.
 Vehicles or other transportation are not allowed near Taj Mahal to Escape it from being polluted.
Walking channels and paths are constructed from parking area till the compound to move.
Local street markets are surrounded outside the palace where local foodstuffs and fun of street shopping can be carried away.

Tickets Of Taj Mahal

Western Gate:- Tickets are available on Western Gate near Saheli Burj. (Timing-One Hour before Sunrise up to 45 Minutes Before Sunset).
Eastern Gate:- Tickets are available at Eastern Gate of Taj Mahal. (Timing-One Hour before Sunrise up to 45 Minutes Before Sunset).

Southern Gate:- No Entry from this gate at Present only Exit is allowed.

There are separate queues for Foreign tourists and Domestic tourists and signs will direct you accordingly.

Entry Fees / Rates

S.No. Tourist Type Amount Indian(Rs.)

  1. Foreign tourist

1100/- + 200/-
Additional for visiting main mausoleum (Optional)

  1. Citizens of SAARC and BIMSTEC Countries

540/- + 200/-
Additional for visiting main mausoleum (Optional)

  1. Domestic/Indian/OCI Cardholder

50/- + 200/-
Additional for visiting main mausoleum (Optional)


Tourists buying tickets online will get discount of Rs.5/- for per Indian ticket & Rs. 50/- for per Foreigner ticket.
No Entry fee for children below the age of 15 years. (both Domestic and Foreigner).
Additional Rs.200/- will be charged if one wants to visit main mausoleum

For Online Booking Of Taj Mahal Visit the Link Below


Timing Of Taj Mahal
It opens from Monday to Sunday- (6:00 am to 6:30 pm in the evening)
On Friday it is closed, accessible in the afternoon for Muslims for praying.

Near By Places Of Taj Mahal in and around Agra

  1. Agra Fort is known as Red Fort located in the city of Agra.
    Visit the site for more information :
  2. Fatehpur Sikri located 35 km from the city of Agra.
  3. Local Bazaars of the old city.


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