Unemployment Essay / Unemployment Article
Unemployment Meaning
Basically unemployment means the people who are not having any job and are in seek for job or are available to work in any of the domain.
Examples can include quitting the job, terminating the job or sometimes some of them having seasonal work environment.
Bangladesh is one of the countries with having about 40% of population underemployed and Iceland as an most employement rate country in the world.

Various Types Of Unemployment
They can be classified as Structural, Frictional and Cyclical. Also apart from them Seasonal and Classical are to be considered in same domain.

– Structural refers to the change due to technology and workers not meeting the expextations.
  Example we can see the situation of newspapers advertisement which has been diverted to the online.
– Frictional refers to change or process of moving from one job to another of an individual process.
– Cyclical depends upon the market condition and requirement.

Why Unemployment is a serious factor –
Problems caused by Unemployment in India
1. Lack of Education is the major factor causing the increase in unemployment rate, people whom are not educated well enough are not aware of the market orientation and cannot meet to the demands.
2. Increased population changes the level of the work in the industry as rate of work is less compared to that of people seeking job in the market.
3. Financial problems with in the people make them helpless to take action for same domain.
4. People did not want to do much hard work and are greedy for money and other sources.
5. Some of the people are not ready to relocate from their origin area.

Qualities of a good employee who may not be fired easily –
1. Time punctuality is the major thing which is required in a person in any kind of job.
2. Hardwork is essential in every domain to give your full efforts in the work.
3. Patience should be there in an employee in any kind of work manner.
4. Honesty is required as a person should be loyal and honest in the work.
5. Responsibility is required to complete the task.

The most efficient way to look for a job can be –
The people who are well educated can look out on the digital platforms these days easily for the new job opening according to their requirements.
Newspaper coloumns can be checked for job post.
People may take help of their friends, relatives or knowns working in different sectors.
Check regularly openings going on in the market and apply for them.
What if an person is employed and settled with good work environment –
His life balance would be good and happy.
He may be stressed free which results in healthy path.
His family would stay happy and people give respect in the society.
There is a proper schedule and new growth opportunities.

What are the benefits of Indian Government Service –
Healthy lifestyle with secured retirement.
Time based work with proper schedule.
On time salary & easy increments time to time in result of promotion.
Desk jobs there with good working post.

Why taking government jobs in india a hard task –
competition is so high that it is very difficult to gain the opportunity in government sectors.
Reservation system creates a trouble sometimes in not getting deserving candidates the right job.
Vacancies are less and people engaged are more in numbers.
All kind of people are presenting themselves with their best so there is a tough fight.

How to overcome problem of unemployment in India  
1. Population Control
should be there as it affects the overall rate
2. Education System
 should be carried in such a way that people should be skilled through the working aspects of the industry.

 Government should run more and more schemes and enrollment programs for the opportunities to the people to train and work.
4. More projects should be introduced which can give the work to the people of different standards.

If you want to start your own business by just sitting at home so there are many ways to work  

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